Byzantine Text Version (2022)

Adam Boyd released the Byzantine Text Version in 2022. It is based on the Robinson-Pierpont third edition (RP2018). Boyd describes it as following the “‘optimal equivalence’ philosophy of translation, employing a literary style that is reminiscent of the Tyndale-King James legacy while flowing smoothly and naturally in modern English.” He added: “On the literal to dynamic scale, I would put it somewhere between ESV and CSB (but closer to ESV).” There are three editions:

  1. The New Testament: Byzantine Text Version: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, free access and PDF download on Boyd says: “This is the standard edition of my translation that only documents variants when the Byzantine text is split. It also has references for Old Testament quotations.”
  2. The New Testament: Byzantine Text Version Reader’s Edition: Paperback. Boyd says, “This edition has no chapter numbers, verse numbers, references, or footnotes. It does have some section breaks in the longer books.”
  3. The Text-Critical English New Testament: Byzantine Text Version: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, free access and PDF download on Boyd says: “This edition includes text-critical notes documenting translatable difference in 11 editions of the Greek New Testament. Manuscript percentages are listed for variants that have been fully collated.”

All three editions are released under the Creative Commons Attribution license so that they may be freely shared with proper attribution.

American Standard Version, Byzantine Text with Apocrypha (2021)

Before creating his original translation in the Byzantine Text Version, Adam Boyd updated the American Standard Version to reflect the Byzantine Text. It is freely available at ebible and also available in a Kindle edition.

Pickering (2021)

Wilbur Pickering, an advocate of the family 35, a family of Greek manuscripts within the Byzantine Tradition, offered a New Testament translation based on his edition of the family 35 text. This translation, The Sovereign Creator Has Spoken, is available for sale on Amazon and for free download. The second edition was released in 2014; the third came out in 2021.

English Majority Text Version (2014)

The EMTV (2014) is largely based on the Hodges-Farstad text. It is freely available at ebible.

World English Bible

The WEB is based on the Byzantine Text. (Though the editors do not specify which edition, in Revelation 2:17, they use the variant found in RP2018). It is freely available online.